What IS DDR2 Memory? Simply The Heart Of Your Older PC

With all of the different types of RAM available for computers, people will often ask what is DDR2 memory as it is seen in several older yet still relevant systems in the marketplace. Before answering, there are a couple of things we need to mention before you look into buying this type of Random Access Memory. DDR2 first hit the PC scene in 2003 and was used in computer systems up until late 2007. Dual Data Rate 2 memory was not backwards compatible to work in systems that used the first generation DDR module. It is also not capable of being used in systems made after late 2007. Motherboards are designed for specific types of memory and simply will not accept the wrong type.

What you will discover when using a system containing DDR2 memory is that it is quite a bit faster than SDRAM and first generation DDR RAM. Another item to take note of is that it is far more energy efficient than older modules. Using a mere 1.8 volts, the power consumption of your system is greatly reduced. That voltage is actually only .3 volts less than the newest generation of memory, making older refurbished systems appealing to those that want to save some money when buying a new PC. If you are one of those that believe newer is better, well you need to reconsider that. As far as noticeable performance differences go between DDR2 and DDR3, there are none. In most cases you will need to perform bench tests to find out how they compare. You simply will not notice any differences between the two when running multiple applications or placing heavy loads on the processor. So do not throw out your older laptop or desktop when you can simply add more memory, up to 4GB’s in DDR2 systems.

When asking someone what is DDR2 memory, you need to first understand it is a place where your computer stores data for running applications only. Compare it to removing a folder from a filing cabinet and placing it in front of you. You are the processor going through the information at your hands instead of removing and searching for each bit of data you require in a filing cabinet. Memory holds that information so the processor can do its thing without having to search through gigabytes of data on your hard drive. The DDR2 memory passes it quickly to the processor and you end up with exceptional response times. The more memory you have, the faster your programs run.

DDR2 memory is a very cheap memory upgrade that you can make to your older existing system. Doing so will give new life to your old and reliable PC, improving its speed and enhancing its performance far and beyond what it was originally capable of. Increasing memory in your DDR2 driven system will be the best investment you can make. If you are concerned about the price of a newer system you can easily make yours as good as new. When asking what is DDR2 memory you can simply remind yourself that it is the heart of your older PC and will keep your notebook or desktop primed and ready to go at a moments notice.